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Jude as a Zoologist

I am a Bachelor of Science in Zoology (Hons.), graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2020.

Discovery of the “Hanuman Plover

As an undergraduate researcher at the University of Colombo (ASC Research Group), I was able to submit my dissertation on an incipient speciation event occurred in a resident subspecies of Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus seebohmi) in Sri Lanka and SE India.

Later on, with an international team of researchers including my research supervisors, I was able to publish this research in IBIS (one of the best journal for avian research) to uplift it’s taxonomic status to a separate species using genotypic, phenotypic and behavioural characteristics.

Experience as a Zoologist

Teaching experience

From 2021 February to 2022 August, I worked as a temporary demonstrator in Zoology (similar to Teaching Assistant) at the junior academic staff of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Rajarata University in Sri Lanka. I conducted practical classes and exam invigilation for several course modules.

Fieldwork experience

I have over 50+ field experiences across Sri Lanka covering arid zone, dry zone, wet zone rainforests, hill country cloud forests, coastal and oceanic eco systems in various National Parks.

I have experience in,

Wild animal, specially with regards to birds; capturing (mist netting/ trapping), marking/ ringing, handling and blood/ tissue sampling

GPS-GSM (satellite) tagging, camera trapping, vocal recording

Surveys: ecological, behavioural, biodiversity, biological, habitat occupancy, toxicological, public & ethics, etc.

Field Research Assistant of two postgraduate research (Ph.D.) Find more

Biogeographical, ecological and genetic connectivity patterns of avifauna across the Rama’s bridge & Mannar island.

Decoding the evolution of vocal mimicry: geneflow, vocal plasticity and their role in maintaining species limits in a vocally complex songbird.

Laboratory experience

Molecular methods: DNA extraction, PCR techniques, microsatellite genotyping, phylogenetic and population structure analysis

Handling and tissue sampling of laboratory animals

Utilizing software in molecular/ statistical analysis


Systematic revision of the ‘diminutive’ Kentish Plover with resurrection of Charadrius seebohmi based on phenotypic and genetic analyses.

Niroshan et al. (IBIS) 2023

IMPACT OF THE X-PRESS PEARL DISASTER ON COASTAL AND MARINE BIRDS. In X-press Pearl Maritime disaster. M Vithanage & A. de Cost (Eds)

Seneviratne, S. S. & Niroshan, J. J. (in CRC Press) 2023

Find a complete list of publications from here

Research interests

As a zoologist, my research interests are focused on understanding the evolutionary processes and related genomics. I would love to use animal models to study speciation, phylogeny, population genomics, and other underlying evolutionary concepts. Additionally, I am interested in behavioral studies such as animal migration, sexual selection, breeding & nesting and have a particular passion for ecology as well.

My artistic skills in 3D design, graphic design, photography, videography, and web design have given me a unique perspective and skill-set that enables me to bring a new dimension to my research with maximized outreach. My ultimate goal is to use my research to improve animal welfare and conservation efforts.

Currently, I am enrolled as a Masters student in the biology department, Western University, Ontario, Canada

I am a wildlife and nature enthusiast who love to explore and document the beauty of the unseen wilderness. I love cycling, hiking and camping. Some of my journeys are available online as documentary videos, vlogs, blogs, and photo galleries. You can find my work under the name “WildNation” on social media platforms.

Awareness towards Conservation

I have conducted several awareness programs for rural communities throughout Sri Lanka, specially aiming the school children towards conservation.

While conducting a workshop organized by United Nations Development Project (UNDP Sri Lanka)

One of the main awareness program I participate as a resource person is “Guardians of Birds” aimed at Tamil school children in Mannar, Sri Lanka to highlight the importance of wetland ecosystems for coastal communities.


Public Webinar Series

“My journey through nature was ignited after watching the documentary film Racing Extinction. I am driven towards the conservation of species on the verge of an extinction.”