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Introducing “Ceylon Blocks,” a stunning series of 3D assets inspired by the ancient Sri Lankan environment. With a focus on cultural, religious, social, and wilderness aspects, these stylized-themed assets are perfect for creating immersive environments in your game or virtual world. There’s a lush vegetation pack featuring a variety of trees and vines commonly found in Sri Lanka. From towering palm trees to delicate flowering vines, these assets will add depth and realism to your jungle or forest scenes. Ceylon Blocks also offer the “VeheraVihara” pack, which includes a range of Buddhist religious buildings such as monasteries and stupas, as well as related Buddha statues and other decorative elements. Whether you’re creating a serene meditation garden or a bustling temple complex, these assets will help you bring your vision to life. As I continue to expand the Ceylon Blocks series, you can expect even more exciting assets inspired by the rich history and natural beauty of Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for updates! In addition to the stunning Ceylon Blocks asset series, I am thrilled to announce the development of a demo game-play inspired by the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise. Featuring the immersive environments and thrilling game play that the series is known for, this demo will showcase the full potential of the Ceylon Blocks assets in action.

Ceylon Blocks Game Play

Teaser video reveals the first series to be released; Vehera Vihara (වෙහෙර විහාර) ; a comprehensive assets pack with modular elements to build ancient Sri Lankan monastery & related 3D environments. Vehera Vihara (වෙහෙර විහාර) refers to the term; Sri Lankan Buddhist monastery and related sacred and other buildings. Other assets belong to the “Landu Kalae” (ලඳු කැලෑ) series which refers to the term; forests, small shrubs and foliage.

“Megha” is the featuring character in Ceylon Blocks series.

His attire is designed using ancient Sinhalese patterns.