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Ceylon Blocks

    Introducing “Ceylon Blocks,” a stunning series of 3D assets inspired by the ancient Sri Lankan environment. With a focus on cultural, religious, social, and wilderness… Read More »Ceylon Blocks


      Beyond the Civilization | The art of seeing wilderness through a digital eye. Featured videos I maintain “WildNation” mainly focused on wild life photography and… Read More »WildNation

      Hanuman Plover

        Fascinating Story of Discovering a new bird species: “Hanuman Plover” Hanuman Plover is the latest species addition to the Avian world. The old “Kentish Plover… Read More »Hanuman Plover


          Year Publication Publication type 2023 Niroshan et al. Systematic revision of the ‘diminutive’ Kentish Plover with resurrection ofCharadrius seebohmi based on phenotypic and genetic analyses.… Read More »Publications